Sunday, January 24, 2010

Carp Fishing Rods

More on Carp Fishing Rods

Carp fishing in the world of anglers has been common place in Europe since the 1940s and since then carp anglers have been modifying and creating ever newer and better carp fishing rods to help them enjoy this recreational sport.

Carp fishing rods are designed according to specific environments or scenarios where you might find yourself reeling in a carp. Finding the right rod depends on what you intend to catch, how much sport you want to have while playing with your catch and possibly what you can afford.

In determining the size of carp you want to catch look at the parabolic curve weight. The parabolic curve weight refers to the weight of a line required to flex a fully loaded rod. If the carp is 15 pounds or smaller it can be reeled in with a rod having a parabolic curve weight of 1-2 pounds. Larger carp will require a parabolic curve weight of 3 pounds or greater.

Another consideration when selecting a carp fishing rod is the type of action you want in the rod. The rod’s action refers to the rods responsiveness to a bending force and how quickly it will return to a neutral position. Fast action rods will bend more towards the tip of the rod. Slower action rods will bend more toward the butt of the rod. Medium action rods will bend in the middle. Medium-fast action rods bend in the last third of the rod. The manufacturer’s label of fast, medium, or slow action is subjective but can be used to compare rods with faster or slower action than others. Fast action rods are good choices for trolling, for example.

If traveling with a carp fishing rod consider traveling with a telescopic rod. Telescopic carp fishing rods break down into several parts where the overall length is reduced to about two and a half feet. This makes it easier to transport in protective cases, luggage or smaller cars. If in doubt as to what type of carp fishing rod is right for you there are many internet sites devoted to carp angling and sharing fish stories. You’re almost certain to find an angler that can help answer any questions you might have about carp fishing rods.

After all, these specialty fishing rods are a critical piece of carp fishing gear.

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