Thursday, December 3, 2009

Introduction to Carp Fishing Gear

Carp Fishing Gear Blog

This blog is being started to offer a place to read about all aspects of carp fishing, something that I only first became interested in by chance. I grew up fishing, but it was in the States, where game fish are northern pike, walleye, and of course the largemouth bass. My Dad was fishing one day when he caught a world record grass carp out of a small Iowa lake. The fish towed him across the lake three times before he finally tired it out enough to get it into the boat.

Since then, my interest in carp and carp fishing has grown. This blog will cover everything in regards to this type of fish, from habitat and strategies, to carp fishing gear of all sorts like fishing rods, nets, reels, everything. So if you've just found this page, keep checking back for updates as I hope to continue to update this blog all about these fascinating game fish.

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